Test Ink Method

Make sure the Surface has the right Surface Tension before treating.
The Test Pens and Inks allows you to quickly determine the surface tension in dyne/cm (mN/m).

  • the adhesion in printing
  • the sticking process on plastic, metallic, and generally all non porous materials.

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  • formFormamide Test Pens corresponding to the ASTM standards. (RANGE: 37 – 71 dynes/cm )
  • ecoECO Test Pens this eco friendly solution gives comparable results to Formamide Pens! (RANGE: 28 – 71 dynes/cm )
  • quickQuick Test Pens Fast drying ink at 38 dynes/cm, quickly check if the material is treated.
  • Test ink Kits
  • Test ink Bottles